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NEXT for AUTISM has proudly partnered with NY-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) , ARC of Westchester, Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) and Southern Westchester BOCES (SW BOCES) to launch Project SEARCH Collaborates for Autism* (PSCA) which helps students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) transition from their last year of high school into employment.

PSCA is a one-year internship program targeted for students with ASD whose goal is competitive employment.  The program takes place at NYPH’s campus in White Plains, NY, where total immersion in the workplace facilitates the teaching and learning process as well as the acquisition of employability and marketable work skills.  Students participate in three internships to explore a variety of career paths.  The students work with a team that includes their family, a special education teacher from SW BOCES and a job coach from ARC of Westchester to create an employment goal and support the student during this important transition from school to work.

NEXT for AUTISM has created an autism-specific employability curriculum.

To learn more about how this program will help your child with ASD transition from High School to employment, please email us: 
Benefits to the Students:

  • Participate in 600 hours of internships in a variety of positions within the host business.
  • Acquire 300 hours of training in competitive, transferable and marketable job skills.
  • Gain increased independence, confidence and self esteem while learning valuable social skills with peer mentors and business leaders.

Benefits to the Business:

  • Access to a new, diverse talent stream with skills that match labor needs.
  • Performance and retention in some high-turnover, entry-level positions can increase dramatically.
  • Gain interns/employees with ASD to serve as role models for patients/consumers.
  • Experience increased regional and national recognition through marketing of this unique program.

Project SEARCH has grown from one original program site at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to over 240 across 40 states and 5 countries. Learn more at

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