Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism                                  

Autism Research Institute                                                          

Autism Speaks                                                                           

Autistic Traveler                                                                         

Autism Society of America                                                         

Global Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership                     

National Association of Residential Providers for Adults with Autism

National Institute for Mental Health                                            

Organization for Autism Research                                             

Military Families:

American Military Families Autism Support                               

Operation Autism                                                                       


The above listing is intended to provide a starting point for obtaining additional information on autism.  NEXT for AUTISM does not provide legal, medical or any other advice.  The information provided above is not a recommendation or endorsement of any resource, treatment, or service provider.  To obtain such advice you should always speak with your physicians, lawyers or educational professionals.  NEXT for AUTISM is not responsible for any information provided above.  You should consult with your own professionals and then use your best judgment when considering any resource, treatment or service.


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