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In September 2005, the NYC Autism Charter School opened its doors as the first charter school in New York State dedicated exclusively to educating students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Housed in PS 50, the NYC Autism Charter School is a model program for the public school system, providing students with ASD, their families and public school educators with access to high quality, state-of-the-art, science-based educational programming.

Through the NYC Autism Charter School, the public school system is offered the expertise of scientists, clinicians and seasoned educators.  NYC Autism Charter School serves as a training site for professionals to learn specialized methods for educating students with ASD and to exchange innovative strategies.  Alliances have been created with local universities to provide clinical training opportunities for master’s level special educators in an effort to increase the number of qualified certified special education teachers available to work in the public school system.

As a lab school within a large public school there are numerous opportunities for students with ASD to interact with their typically developing peers in a general education setting.  The NYC Autism Charter School’s students and their peers in the public school socialize, learn and play with each other.  Typically developing students in the public school learn such values as tolerance and compassion while developing important skills in teaching and mentoring, all of which are fostered in this unique program.

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